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Welcome to GRH 101st Airborne living history unit. We are a WWII US Army Airborne reenacting group based in Poland, with members from the entire territory of our country. By participating in living history and educational presentations, tactical battles and other history/military events, we aim to educate the general public to the contributions and sacrifices of all WWII veterans and to honor their service. We also strive to pass our knowledge and passion for the WWII history to a younger generation.

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Our goal is to accurately portray the Airborne troopers of 101st Airborne Division of the US Army, not only by using original WWII equipment and best available replicas of weaponry and equipment of airborne infantry, but also by studying historical materials and finally by intense field and tactical manouvers. We strive to constantly improve our individual impressions and we possess significant collection of period arms, uniforms, equipment, and memorabilia. We kindly invite You to visit our site and forum.

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